Customer Questions Answered...

Cars Are Getting More And More Complicated... With More Computer Related Components, Sensors And New Meanings For Everything We Have Alot Of Regular Questions Asked By Our Customers, So We Thought We Would Help Answer & Explain Some Of Those Commonly Asked Questions.


What Is An MOT Test & What is Involved?

An MOT Test (Ministry Of Transport Test) is an annual test of automobile safety & road worthiness, an MOT test is required for most vehicles used on public roads in the united kingdom once they are over 3 years old.

Different vehicles come under different classes, depending on what type of vehicle will depend on which class it falls under. This then reflects what specific checks the vehicle will under go.

To see what checks and inspections are involved in an MOT test and more information then visit: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/your-car-and-the-mot 


What Is A Service & What Is The Different Types?

A vehicle service is a set of maintenance procedures carried out on a vehicle to help keep the vehicle "healthy" with a set of checks & inspections to gather an over all report on the vehicles current condition, Also the replacement of serviceable filters & fluids may be carried out depending on which type of service is selected.

All garages do different service options at different prices, depending on your vehicles age, millage & type will then depend on what service you require at the time. Different vehicles have different routine service intervals, for more information on the cost of a service for your vehicle then call us for a quick and easy quote.

We offer 2 types of vehicle servicing - a smaller service which can be carried out between the major servicing (again depending on age & millage covered)

Interim service (minor service - 6,000 mile service)

Annual Service (major service - 10,000 mile service)

Soon we will be loading up information of our service schedules, this way you can see what option is best for your vehicle.

This also allows you to see what your getting for your money compared to other garages, we are positive you'll see that we are value for money with quality.


What Is Diagnostics?